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I am buying a new build house. Why do I need a real estate agent?



I am buying a new build house. Why do I need a real estate agent? That’s a great question and I get it all the time.

Don’t be fooled, the agent sitting in the model home works for the builder. Not for you. They have the sellers interests in mind when walking you around. They want to make the builder the most money possible. For example I recently represented a buyer on a new home. The builder was offered an incentive of $7500 for closing costs, the basement finished or a gourmet kitchen. As the buyers agent I suggested we ask for $12,000 in closing and the kitchen. The builder agreed. If my buyer had not been represented she would not have gotten the extra closing cost help as well as both the basement and the kitchen done.  That was $5000 that got to stay in their bank account!

I know what you are thinking… if I don’t have an agent I can save on the commission. It doesn’t work that way. The commission is in the price of the house. It’s a contract between the listing agent and the seller/builder. The commission is getting paid either way.  So it really doesn’t matter if you have an agent or not. The price of the house will stay the same, you just won’t be represented.

If you are thinking building a new house will always be smooth sailing, think again. It can be easy, but Problems can arise while building your house. Your agent is on your side and looking out for your best interests. If something is not right in the house they can make sure it gets resolved. It can be something minor like the kitchen sink is the wrong one, to something major like mold. Yes that’s right mold in a new house. Don’t worry the builder fixed the issue, but it took some time.  The point is, there are many things that could arise during the building process and a realtor should be there with you along the way to continually check on the builder to make sure things are fixed as they arise and done properly and on-time from the beginning.

Buying your dream home is a big investment no matter if it is a new home or an existing home, it’s best to be represented.

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Posted on August 13, 2016 at 9:19 am by Michelle Doell

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